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Tips to Keep Warm When Working from Home (this Autumn & Winter)

by | Oct 5, 2020 | General News, Helpful Tips

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Early spring was very sunny here in the UK, but the outside temperatures were low. Now we are in the Autumn weather and winter will soon be upon us – so how do you keep warm inside your home if you work from home and in particular if you are new to this because of the coronavirus crisis?

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We first published this blog post earlier this year in April when we were first in lockdown. Many of our customers found it helpful so we’ve slightly updated it and are republishing it here, for you to hopefully find interesting and good timing as the weather becomes much more Autumnal!

If you have previously worked in a centrally heated office (many heated to 21 degrees) you will have become accustomed to a very warm working environment. However, when working from home you may not want to have your central heating on all day to maintain a similar temperature, particularly if there is no one else at home at the same time. Apart from the cost, it is a waste of energy so what can you do make your working from home work area warm and use energy wisely?


A Few Tips to Keep Warm

  • Wrap up by wearing several light layers and wear thick socks and slippers.
  • Keep internal doors closed to keep heat in rooms.
  • Let natural light into by keeping windows clear – a light room feels warmer!
  • Hunt out and exclude any drafts around windows and doors.
  • Eat warming foods such as soups and drink hot drinks.
  • Go for a run or brisk walk before starting work each day.
  • Ideally position your work area:-
    • In a small room.
    • Away from outside walls.
    • Not in a room with a north-facing window.
    • If a dedicated room is not available, choose a spot near a wood burning stove, gas fire or electric fire that can be turned on if you feel chilly.


Controlling Your Central Heating

As mentioned above it is a waste of energy and money to heat the whole house when you are just working in one room or area. If you have thermostatic radiator valves you can control the heat of each radiator individually. So before you start work, turn down all the radiators valves to low in the rooms not being used.

If you do not already have radiator valves they can be fitted to existing radiators and they usually pay for themselves in a year.


What Types of Fire Can be used to Heat Your Working Room?

You may already have a fire which you use to back up your central heating, such as a wood burning stove, gas fire or electric fire. Therefore, you may want to position your work area near these.

Also, you may have a portable electric heater or an oil filled radiator which you could take into the room where you are working.

Remember, if you are warm and cosy you will work more productively!

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