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What happens if a Worcester Bosch service engineer refuses to fix our boiler?

by | Feb 11, 2022 | Boiler Tips, General News, Helpful Tips

Project summary

Your boiler is an important part of your home and so it needs to be serviced annually. However, it can be difficult to have an older boiler serviced. By law the last gas engineer working on the appliance must ensure it is safe to use but what happens if a Worcester Bosch service engineer refuses to fix your boiler?

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New or Refurbished Parts

Depending on the age of your boiler it could be hard to get hold of parts. When serving a Worcester Bosch boiler the engineer must use new or sufficiently refurbished parts.

Over the last decade high efficiency condensing boilers which have been installed in the UK use different parts to the older non-condensing designs.


High Risk Boilers

While older boilers can be difficult to work on some engineers may choose not to work on a boiler if it poses an inherent risk to them – for example if an engineer is unfamiliar with a newer or older model.

Not only is there a risk to the engineer but if during the service your boiler is found to be faulty or dangerous then it will be switched off – especially if the right parts cannot be sourced immediately.


Replacement Boiler

In most cases a replacement boiler is seen as the best option particularly if you have an older boiler. If your old boiler does fail and parts cannot be sourced then there could be a significant wait for a new one to be fitted.

An average new boiler can cost upwards of £2,000 so it would be a much better option to have one replaced sooner rather than later.


Speak to The Experts

If a Worcester Bosch service engineer refuses to fix your boiler, then do not hesitate to contact the team here at Simon Turner Showrooms and we can organise to send out a gas engineer.

At this point, an inspection/service can be completed, and if necessary, parts can be ordered. If a new boiler is required, a quotation for supplying and fitting a new one can be offered no obligation and free of charge.

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