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Deep Clean Your Bathroom in 5 Simple Steps

by | Mar 31, 2020 | Bathroom Tips, General News, Helpful Tips

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The bathroom or cloakroom is one of the most used spaces in your home and if not cleaned properly and frequently, can quickly become unhygienic and hazardous to the health of you and your family.

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Prevention is essential when reducing the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses that cause illness – which is why it is essential to deep clean your bathroom, especially at the moment.

Bacteria and viruses are invisible to the naked eye, so even if your bathroom looks sparkling clean, it may not be hygienically clean. Therefore, it is important that you clean your bathroom to remove these as well as visible dirt such as dust and finger marks.


Bleach Kills Viruses

Bleach is chemically known as sodium hypochlorite and it works by oxidising the molecules of cells in viruses and bacteria. Used correctly, as detailed on the bottle, it is safe but remember that splashes of bleach solution will bleach clothing and textiles. Also, wear protective gloves and rinse these well after use.

Useful information on using bleach to clean can be found at

Keep the bathroom well ventilated when cleaning with bleach solutions by opening the windows, doors and extractor fan left on for a while if there is no window.


How to clean your bathroom – step by step

1. Wipe down bathroom surfaces and door handles frequently
A daily spray with an antibacterial bathroom cleaner and a wipe with a microfibre cloth will be sufficient to make hard surfaces, such as the window sills, shower screens and floors, look clean and kill bacteria. However, to kill viruses it will be necessary to use a diluted bleach solution. For door handles use 60ml of bleach in a bucket of hot water.

To clean your bathroom floor and other hard surfaces use 120ml of bleach per 5 litres of hot water (do not use a bleach solution on coloured grout and always test on an inconspicuous area of a surface before cleaning.)

2. Thoroughly Clean the Toilet
The toilet should be cleaned daily by using a solution of 120ml bleach in 5 litres of hot water. The toilet bowl can be cleaned by using neat bleach and leaving for 15 minutes or overnight before scrubbing with a toilet brush. Toilet brushes can harbour germs and viruses, so once a week soak the brush in a bowl of hot water to which a cupful of bleach has been added.

3. Cleaning Bathroom Sinks
Your bathroom sink will likely get a lot of use – and so may accumulate a lot of dirt, grime, germs and bacteria. As such it’s really important to keep your sink clean. Start off by giving the sink a wipe down with a wet cloth – try to get as much debris and grime off as you can. Rinse the sink with hot water and then use 120ml bleach to 5 litres of water to clean the sink and give particular attention to the taps, the plug hole and the overflow.

4. Cleaning Shower Curtains
If you have a shower curtain it should be washed at least one a month as it can harbour germs and viruses. Wash in a washing machine with biological powder/liquid on a 60 degrees heat setting. If possible, dry outside in sunlight as this will also help to kill germs. If your shower curtain is not suitable for the washing machine, soak or wash down with a bleach solution.

5. Bathroom Towels and Flannels
It is good hygiene practice to not share bathroom towels and flannels, even a hand towel when someone in the home is ill. These should be changed frequently and washed with a biological powder and at least 60 degrees heat setting.

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